Volume 1, Issue 05 of November 2014




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A Robust Bilinear Pairing Based Remote Mutual Authentication Scheme

Authors: Desong Wang*,Min Wan,  Xi Li




Survey on Achieve Privacy Preserving using Multi-Key Approach in Cloud Environment

Authors: Poonam Patel,Amar Buchade




Mac-Based VLANs For Mobile Office In Campus Area

 Authors:Yogita Chodhari , Prof. Mrs.V.R.Chirchi





A Text And Audio Based Video Retrieval Using Glcm And Dtw

Authors: 1Dr.S.Prasanna, 2Dr.S.Purushothaman, 3Dr.R.Rajeswari




Design & Validation of BLAKE 256 IP Core

 Authors: Jinita Jose * ,Manjusha Maria Alex, Chippy James, Nandakumar



 Design & Validation of BMW 256 IP Core

  Authors: Chippy James* Jinita Jose Manjusha Maria Alex Nandakumar R


Design of Convolutional Interleaver

Authors: Anjaly Unnikuttan, Rathna M, Rekha P R, Nandakumar R


Two additional layers based on multi-agent system to ensure the good running of a data warehouse

Authors:Aziza CHAKIR*, Hicham MEDROMI, Adil SAYOUTI


Green Computing and Sustainable Environment – Introduction of E-documents and Replacement of Printed Stationeries

Authors: Shalabh Agarwal*,Reddhi Sekhar Basu,Asoke Nath      


A Pilot Study on Current and Future Trends in E-learning, Distance Learning and Online Teaching Learning Methodologies

Authors: Shamindra Parui* , Asoke Nath


The Effectiveness of using a Historical Sequence-based Predictor Algorithm in the First International RoShambo Tournament

Authors: Sony E.Valdez, Vitruvius John D. Barayuga, Proceso L. Fernandez


Security Features of different Cloud Service Models: A Review

Authors: Gagandeep Kaur  Sonal Chawla


Distributed and Dynamic Routing Algorithm for IP and ATM Scheduling for Shared ATM Networks

Authors: P. Rajan , K.L.Shanmuganathan