Volume 2, Issue 4 of April 2015




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Effects of RMB Appreciation on Chinese International Trade

Author: Fei Ma 




The Analysis of Measurements for Solving the Problems of Enterprises Marketing Ethics in China
Author:Fang Fang




Availability in Cloud Computing
Author:B.Vani ,R.Cynthia Monica Priya





Virtual class Room as an alternate platform – a case study of the use of Web-Ex Live teach and learn in the synchronous online environment

Author: Minimol Anil Jobr




The Role of Budget and Budgetary Control on Organizational Performance: A Case Study of Taihr Guset House Kano State, Nigeria

Authors :-  ABDULLAHI, Sadiq Rabiu  ,  KUWATA, Goni , ABUBAKAR, Muhammed Alhaji,  MUHAMMAD, Tunde Aliyu



Research on Retail E-Commerce Logistics operation mode of china

Author: Shanshan Guo


Image Encryption-Then-Compression System via Prediction Error Clustering and lossless encoding

Authors: Shreedhar BM ,Vishala IL ,Hemavathi N


VANCL logistics operations mode selection analysis

Author:Shanshan Guo


Agent based Authentication for Deep Web Data Extraction

Author: G.Muneeswari


Dynamic Nature of Knowledge Fragmentation and flow of Knowledge

Authors:Syed V. Ahamed , Sonya M. Ahamed

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