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International Journal of Innovative Research In Information Security

A Monthly Journal of Computer Science & Information Security
(Double - Blind Peer Review Journal)

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Information Security Areas: Computer science Areas:

    Ad Hoc Networks Security

    Applied cryptography

    Biometric security

    Cloud-aware web service security

    Cross-layer design for security


    Data and System integrity

    Database security

    Delay-Tolerant Network Security

    Digital Signatures

    Distributed Network Systems

    Distributed Systems security

    Domestic Network Security

    E-mail security

    Grid security

    Information hiding in Cloud

    Internet/Intranet Security

    Key management and key recovery

    Language-based security

    Mobile and wireless network security

    Mobile Commerce Security

    Monitoring and surveillance

    Multimedia security

    Operating system security

    Peer-to-Peer Networks Security

    Privacy Enhancing Technologies

    RFID Security and Privacy

    Risk evaluation&security certification

    Secure Mobile Agents& Mobile Code

    Secure routing schemes

    Security & Network Management

    Security& Privacy in Wireless N/W

    Security for P2P systems

    Security in E-Commerce

    Security model for new services

    Security Models & protocols

    Security threats & countermeasures

    Trusted computing

    Ubiquitous Computing Security

    Vehicular Network Security

    Virtualization security

    VoIP security

    Wireless Communication Security

    Ad Hoc & Sensor Network

    Bio Informatics

    Cloud applications

    Data fusion

    Data Mining

    Data Storage Management

    Data Warehousing

    Distributed Sensor Networks

    Embedded Computer System

    human-machine interfaces

    Hybrid Sensor

    Image Processing

    Industrial Informatics

    Information and data security

    Information systems and applications

    Information Technology

    Intelligent Control System

    Knowledge management

    Management of Information System

    Medical imaging

    Mobile applications

    Nanotechnology instrumentation

    Network Applications

    Network Control and Management

    Network Measurement

    Network Performance

    Network Protocols

    Network Sensor

    Networked vehicles applications

    Neural Networks

    Optical Networks

    Pattern Recognition

    Peer to Peer and Overlay Networks

    Security middleware

    Service oriented middleware

    Signal and Image Processing

    Signal Control System

    Smart home applications

    Software engineering

    Virtual reality

    Vision-based applications

    Wiring/Wireless Sensor