Volume 1, Issue 02 of August 2014




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A Survey of Key Management Framework for Wireless Mobile Environment

Authors: Umi salma B.  Dr.A.Arul Lawrence 




Enhancing Energy Efficiency in WSN using Energy Potential and Energy Balancing

Authors: Smt. Sheetalrani R Kawale* , Dr. Aziz Makandar , Mr. Ramesh K




To Analyze Conflicts between Software Developer and Software Tester

Authors: Maneesh V.Deshpande, Dr. Suryakant B.Thorat





Analyse and Implement of Cryptography With High Security Using Quaternion

Authors: U. Vijay Sankar, Dr.A.Arul Lawrence Selvakumar






Enhancing the Security in WSN using Three Tier Security Architecture

Authors: Chanchal G. Agrawal*, Prof. J. B. Kulkarni


Hand Segmentation for Hand Gesture Recognition

Authors: Sonal Singhai, Dr. C.S. Satsangi


Object Tracking System Using Motion Detection and Sound Detection

Authors: Prashansha Jain,  Dr. C.S. Satsangi


CT-SVD and Arnold Transform for Secure Color Image Watermarking

Authors: Jeril George, Satishkumar Varma, Madhumita Chatterjee


Implementation and Secured Authentication Key using Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Authors:Thangarasu.N, Dr. Arul Lawrence Selvakumar

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